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Prohaska Consulting Launches CDP University

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Prohaska Consulting Launches CDP University Helping Marketers, Agencies, Publishers with evolving data-centric strategy & execution September 10, 2019, New York – Prohaska Consulting, the most experienced and largest global...

Is Your Data Healthy?

Much more thought needs to go into the decision on which third-party data providers should be used.  Our own Ameet Shah walks us through considerations when assessing third-party data source usage.

Many Publishers Behind The Curve On GDPR Compliance: Matt Prohaska – Beet.TV

“The good news is that (this is) for the good of the industry, for the good of consumers, for the good of this whole ecosystem. (This is) the way it should have been to begin with. We didn’t have a great opt-out system and so the pendulum swing now says, ‘Okay, it’s going to be a little more painful in opt-in and you’ve got to let everyone know up-front.”

Keynote Discussion With NBCUniversal EVP Mike Rosen

Mike Rosen, EVP, Portfolio Sales and Strategy, NBCUniversal was interviewed by Matt Prohaska, CEO and Principal, Prohaska Consulting and shared a fantastic insider’s look at how the TV industry is evolving at this year’s SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit.


Matt Prohaska joins a panel alongside the IAB and Index Exchange.