Moving to Bolero – The Flight To Quality

May 11, 2017 |

One of the most moving pieces of music I know is Ravel’s “Bolero.” You might not know the song by name, but you’d recognize it if you heard it.  It starts with a simple quiet drumbeat, then builds by adding clarinet, oboe, bassoon, strings, brass — and ultimately the entire orchestra. All the while, the same drumbeat plays on.

Our industry has its own instruments. In 2017 they started playing together cohesively, building on the common pulse of improving the digital advertising environment for audiences, marketers, and publishers.

Read my latest column in Real-TimeDaily.  Our industry needs to stay in tune, working together for their own and their clients’ mutual benefit by moving to more private marketplace deals; whitelisting remaining open auction buying; having fewer publisher ads, more impactful and viewable; and putting up real supply-side platform barriers to eliminate fraudulent “sites” completely.

Together we will create the quality supply chain that we and our audiences deserve. And buyers, sellers, and tech firms will be dancing less like Elaine from “Seinfeld,” and more like Torville and Dean ice-danced to “Bolero.” If you don’t know the reference, go ahead and watch it here. It’s beautiful and worth it, just like this industry can be and will be.