Congratulations to Our 10 Savvy Winners!  Read Their Predictions Here:

Programmatic Exchanges gain self-awareness, team up with Alexa to offer rates & inventory directly to homes
from Richard Monihan

Header Bidding is out. Server-to-Server is in
from David Simpson, MorristownThree

Oracle buys Turn DSP. Rubicon Project gets bought out
from Charles ChinYee

A super-merger between two agency holding companies – looking at you @publicis @WPP @omnicom @IPG…
from Ed Rosenthal, Generator Media+Analytics, @GeneratorMedia

Streaming video will be the biggest revenue gainer this year
from Keith A Sklar, WeatherBug, @kasklar21

Significant consolidation of supply within the SPP world due to #HeaderBidding streamlines inefficiencies.
from Michael Hannon, @michaelhannon1, Purch @purch

Netflix or Amazon will experiment with ad-supported OTT
from Jason Burke, @clypd, @jburkejburke 

Two DSPs go public this year AppNexus & Media Math. Share price @ end of ’17 much lower than opening day
from Dean Harris, Silvermine Marketing, @deanpeckharris

DSPs go direct to publishers resulting in SSP acquisition spree of DSPs to remain relevant.
from Matt L

Digital radio will go 50% programmatic in Q3 2017!
from Todd 

Thanks to everybody who submitted an entry!