Prohaska Consulting Launches CDP University

Sep 10, 2019 |


Prohaska Consulting Launches CDP University

Helping Marketers, Agencies, Publishers with evolving data-centric strategy & execution

September 10, 2019, New York – Prohaska Consulting, the most experienced and largest global programmatic consulting firm, is announcing its new CDP University training program.

Courses will range from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced levels and feature in-person live sessions in multiple global cities to start, followed by online on-demand learning opportunities.

“The challenging combination of privacy regulation, adblocking, Safari/Chrome cookie-handling and current lack of complete graph & mobile tracking tech is fundamentally changing how marketing and content are delivered, perceived, and viewed from this day forward,” said Matt Prohaska CEO & Principal of Prohaska Consulting. “Too much of our global advertising and media industry, and too many people that work in it, are still cookie-focused and blind to this reality. It is way past time to empower every publisher to know more about their audience and for marketers to be able to access and leverage that data across an entire consumer’s journey, without fewer than ten companies blocking that ability and causing worse audience experience and publisher/marketer performance. The CDP can help deliver that empowerment companywide and we are helping clients throughout their organization leveraging their existing or new CDP. These classes take those strategies and practices and bring them to everyone.”

Prohaska Consulting has created and will be teaching the CDP University curriculum designed to introduce cross-functional clients to the most important elements of a Customer Data Platform, covering topics relevant to multi-disciplinary marketers, agencies, product developers, tech decision makers, IT leaders and various publishers’ teams. The company’s CDP experts will empower each attendee sector with a comprehensive understanding of the platform and landscape, operations and deployment to maximize ROI, learning how to build and implement an agile, step-by-step, “intrapreneurial” data process to improve customer experience and sustain competitive advantage.

The first class will take place in New York City during Q4 of 2019, with presenting CDP Partners to be announced. Interested students can register for more details directly at ProhaskaConsulting.Com/CDP- University

CDPU goes beyond hype and theory to practice, case studies and individual company roadmaps.”, added Paul Cimino, Head of Global Data Strategy and CDP University lead instructor.

Prohaska Consulting has already helped educate and implement custom CDP solutions for several existing clients resulting in 20% increased revenue, 2x increased audience targeted inventory and 30% improved employee productivity. The team will be attending the ANA Data & Measurement Conference in Florida, and dMexco in Cologne, Germany this week to discuss the CDP University launch, and other private opportunities with potential clients and partners.

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