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Ofer Ovid


Hiro Media

Matt Prohaska

CEO & Principal

Prohaska Consulting

Laura Gaffney

VP, Global Publisher Development

Prohaska Consulting

About Hiro Media:

With HIRO platform , publishers can run programmatic video campaigns without being exposed to unwanted behaviors.

Hiro’s unique real time publishers protection platform includes all needed benefits  for publishers to improve their monetization & video ads related intelligence while protecting themselves from any unwanted ad behavior:

  • Real-time ad filtering, ensures malware free and brand safe ad delivery where user experience is upheld to CBA standard.
  • In-depth and flexible reporting system, with a real-time updated dashboard and a custom reports generating tool.
  • Demand path analysis tool, which is based on real-time live data. The product maps all advertisement partners in publisher’s ecosystem, provides valuable insights on their performance and allows publishers to optimize their demand chain.
  • A self-service supply and demand inventory management platform, that allows users to manage, optimize and target their entire ad operation from a single console.