First Party Data Platform Transforms Productivity And Profitability 


Vevo is the largest all-premium music video platform. The company’s YouTube Channel has 18.9M subscribers & 26B monthly global views that generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Vevo’s inventory is in high demand yet they didn’t have an infrastructure to optimize productivity and profitability. Reliance on inefficient internal systems caused delayed verification of premium inventory from Nielsen & Comscore audience data and required manual resources to pull analytics from multiple ad server sources to authenticate their audience. Vevo knew they needed an advanced solution to future-proof business. 


Vevo entrusted Prohaska Consulting to help them implement a solution that would achieve their goals. Prohaska worked with the first-party marketing data lake tech firm, aqfer, to develop an advanced, big data solution to deliver against Vevo’s needs and business complexities. A first party platform with flexibility and scale to data mine, optimize productivity, and increase revenue. A solution that would equip Vevo with the in-house resources to significantly improve productivity and broaden revenue.

Vevo MELODY case study flow chart

MELODY Platform

Prohaska/aqfer created and delivered the MELODY platform. An advanced, flexible, scalable first-party big data analytic platform. Built to aggregate data sources across Nielsen, Comscore, Operative, DFP & YouTube into a single platform. With machine learning integrated audience & campaign dashboards to perform simulations and optimization directly to the ad server.