Hiring Amid Change: Retaining and Attracting Talent In The Wake Of The Pandemic

by Kelly Herrick, Global Recruiting Lead, Prohaska Consulting, and Founder of Searchlight

2021 is turning out to be a great reset for many companies. The industry is coming back in full force, and suddenly we’re in a candidate’s market. This unique set of circumstances is making it a tricky time, but also a chance to recruit great talent. Summer often moves at a slower pace. Many people take time off to recharge and plan a holiday and thus hiring is usually sluggish, with August invariably being the slowest time of year. 

This year, a lot of companies are celebrating the advent of the vaccines and gunning to get back into a more typical workflow with in-person events, business travel and – yes, we dare say – a return to the office. 

That said, there is a feeling of exhaustion seeping into these well-intentioned plans. People are tired, and the last year has been a collective trauma that’s left many people reevaluating their lives and careers. I talk to candidates who have a sense of relief but also a need for a break. 

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