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Industry On Track For Fully Deterministic Data Future: Matt Prohaska

Matt Prohaska believes the advertising industry is on track to benefit from consumers having full transparency over their data and fully opting in across all media channels. But he doesn’t think it will happen for another five years or so. One of Prohaska Consulting’s top services this year is helping buyers, sellers and technology.

Viewers Ready To Give More Data, At A Price: Janus’ Shimmel Tells Prohaska

In this fireside discussion with Prohaska Consulting CEO Matt Prohaska for Beet.TV, Janus Strategy & Insights president Howard Shimmel – previously chief research officer at Turner – opens up on how Turner’s research has convinced him the change is coming and thinks viewers may soon elect to give broadcasters and their advertisers far more specific information about their buying intents.

Many Publishers Behind The Curve On GDPR Compliance: Matt Prohaska – Beet.TV

“The good news is that (this is) for the good of the industry, for the good of consumers, for the good of this whole ecosystem. (This is) the way it should have been to begin with. We didn’t have a great opt-out system and so the pendulum swing now says, ‘Okay, it’s going to be a little more painful in opt-in and you’ve got to let everyone know up-front.”