DPAA & Prohaska Consulting launch DOOH Programmatic Training Course

Oct 17, 2019 |


Educating Buyers and Sellers to successfully transact with programmatic
Vistar Media and 1 other Leading Tech platform sign on as initial Launch Partners

October 17 2019, New York – Prohaska Consulting, the most-experienced and largest global programmatic consulting firm, has partnered with DPAA, the leading global organization working to drive out-of-home into its digital future, to produce the first of a global series around buying and selling of digital out-of-home advertising. The first full-day course will take place in New York City on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Prohaska Consulting is providing all curriculum development, teaching materials, and instructors. Students will learn the basics and history of programmatic advertising, how it is similar and differs from other digital media channels, and step by step best practices on how to execute campaigns for their clients.

“Our team has been proud to be a part of the birth and development of programmatic advertising in the out-of-home medium for years,” said Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal of Prohaska Consulting. “There has been tremendous development in the areas of tech, and targeting, and now it’s time to focus on developing the great talent in this space, out-of-home veterans working for many years in the channel, and many new so-called traditional-digital veterans recognizing the marketing and career opportunities in one of the fastest-growing areas of advertising globally.”

The format of training both buyers and sellers during the same class has been tested for more than five years in other programs that Prohaska Consulting has led. Understanding and appreciating how each other conducts their job and challenges each team faces leads to more developed relationships and quicker resolutions on commercial or technical issues. Programmatic buying has expanded the past couple years around what is known as Open Auction transaction types, where many publishers’ inventory is available from many buyers. But the development of private transactions, delivering programmatic capabilities between one seller and one buyer, is the next natural phase of expansion, similar to what has been seen the past seven+ years in other digital media.

“We know the combination of digitization of screens and billboards with the advancement of programmatic capabilities is why out-of-home has received the highest rate of ad spend increase the past year,” added Barry Frey, President, CEO of DPAA. “Team development has been a key initiative at DPAA, and this is one area where our global members have requested gaining more practical knowledge. We are excited to expand and enrich the careers of all leaders within our growing medium.”

The class will teach both theory and practice, providing live demos of leading a Sell-Side Platform (SSP) and Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Vistar Media and another leading firm tba have signed on to lead those demos, showing the actual software used by leading sellers and buyers to setup the respective inventory, pricing, and campaign targets.

“Since the early days building the first programmatic marketplace for DOOH, Vistar has been committed to fueling the growth of the entire OOH ecosystem through programmatic,” said Michael Provenzano, CEO & Co-Founder of Vistar Media. “We are excited to help educate the industry and demonstrate how media owners have leveraged our SSP as a key component in their growth.”

Registration for the first NYC training program on November 19 is now open with a planned classroom size of only about 50 students, ensuring open discussion and Q&A with a collegial environment. Seats are available at dpaaglobal.com/training.

About Prohaska Consulting Training Programs

Prohaska Consulting is the most-experienced global programmatic firm, with more than 75 full-time and freelance teammates serving more than 325 clients over the past five years. Winner of AdExchanger’s 2019 Best Programmatic Consulting Firm, the company has five distinct client vertical teams focused on guiding Marketers, Agencies, Tech, Publishers, Trade Groups and Investors, with more than 50 services helping clients with their Tech, Targets, and/or Talent. Prohaska Consulting has trained more programmatic buyers and sellers than any other independent firm in the world. To learn more, visit: www.prohaskaconsulting.com.

About DPAA

Founded in 2006, DPAA is a global out-of-home marketing association committed to driving the industry into its digital future. DPAA has created a strong community environment in which members drive and promote their digital capabilities. DPAA is a business accelerator that fosters collaboration between agencies and the DOOH community, providing industry-wide research and best practices in areas such as mobile integration and programmatic; and promotes the effectiveness of DOOH advertising. DPAA has spearheaded programmatic development, standards and adoption for the DOOH industry. DPAA is a Digital Out of Home Everything and Video Everywhere AssociationTM. For more info, visit www.dpaaglobal.com

About Vistar Media

Vistar Media is a geospatial technology company bridging the space between advertising ecosystems and consumer movement patterns. Founded in 2012, Vistar created the first and only universal marketplace for out-of-home media, building a programmatic platform that has been widely adopted by buyers and sellers. Vistar provides marketers with unprecedented access to consumers at the right place and right time, through a data agnostic system for analyzing consumer movement patterns and activating cross-screen mobile and out-of-home media.  For more information, visit www.vistarmedia.com.

Media Contact:

Cat.Seligman@prohaskaconsulting.com, 917-922-0065

First Class:
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
8:30 – 5:00pm