Programmatic & Automation Town Hall/

Problems & Answers Town Hall

About Path                                                                     

PATH is a unique forum where critical industry issues can be discussed openly among various stakeholders, facilitated by unbiased leaders. PATH was developed in response to requests from leading executives, who seek to generate solutions to vexing problems in closed-door, confidential sessions.

Who’s Invited?                                                               

The audience may attend by invitation only and includes roughly equal numbers of respected buyers and sellers, along with a small group of trade association executives with a vested interest in the topic.

Numbers are limited to facilitate discussion. Press are not invited to encourage frank discussion.

Interested in Sponsoring a PATH event?                   

PATH sponsors are positioned as industry thought leaders, driving advancement via a progressive and positive discourse. Benefits to sponsorship include: 

  • Exclusive access to PATH audience and discussion
  • Delivery of a brief welcome with thoughts on the topic and distribute collateral
  • Integration of logos/branding on invitations and on-location


For more information, or, to participate, please contact Laura Gaffney: