Tech Providers


Thousands of tech providers around the world have crucial questions that need answering.  How do we truly differentiate ourselves in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape? How do we decide when to buy, sell, or partner? What are the biggest needs of our publisher, agency, and/or brand potential customers? How do I best take my new product to market?

We offer a depth and breadth of collective experience to rival any Tech Provider team at any global consulting organization.  We know what it takes to adapt, position, develop, sell, and succeed against your competition. Our services range from high-level strategy on company pivots or buy/build/partner product decisions, to tactical operational teams in every region around the world that sell platforms, data, and/or services into publishers, agencies, or brands.

Through our Magnify division, we provide outsourced sales support for tech companies who seek to drive growth through the development of successful publisher partnerships. Our Publisher Development team builds strong relationships with leading publishers from which we are able to identify and qualify ideal prospects for your tech solution. Our consultative sales approach enables us to understand publishers’ specific challenges and craft a highly targeted sales pitch to demonstrate how your solution will meet their needs.

As Advertising technology services continue to evolve into broader Marketing technology solutions, we are uniquely positioned to convert practical knowledge into top and bottom-line impact.


  • SWOT Analysis
  • Vertical-Specific Strategy
  • 30/90/180-day Plan
  • Tech Development
  • Sales/Client Services Training
  • Product Roadmap Review
  • Pre or Post-M&A Integration
  • GDPR Assessment and Compliance
  • Data Lakes/ Customer Data Platforms
  • Programmatic Creative

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“We have enjoyed working with the Prohaska team on a variety of initiatives over the past year. They worked with us as we developed our strategy across several media channels and provided a fresh perspective on how both our existing and potential clients can best leverage our platform.”

Keith Eadie

VP & GM, Advertising Cloud, Adobe