Programmatic Training Series for Buyers and Sellers

About Our Training Series

Having trained more programmatic buyers and sellers than any other independent firm in the world, Prohaska Consulting is providing you with an opportunity to develop valuable fundamentals and more-advanced knowledge from instructors with real-world experience. Our classes intentionally have buyers and sellers in the same room as we received feedback over the years that learning from each other and what the “other side” is learning is as important as building one’s own skills.

Why Attend?

Prohaska lives on the front lines of the Programmatic evolution. We have a unique 360-degree view of the digital landscape from our work with Brands, Agencies, Publishers, Tech Providers, Investors and Trade Groups. We have helped more than 250 clients globally in just the past four years, and our holistic approach to understanding the ecosystem has helped us successfully train over 2,300 programmatic buyers,, sellers, and tech leaders.

Students can participate in just 1 day or both. 75% of our students across APAC the last 2 years have taken both classes back-to-back.

Day One: 101

Training that lays the groundwork for a strong understanding of the programmatic landscape and fundamental best practices.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction and Defining Programmatic
  • How the Programmatic Landscape Looks to Buyers and Sellers
  • How a Tech Stack Looks and Works from the Publisher Side
  • How Sellers Approach Programmatic
  • How an SSP works
  • How buyers approach the market
  • How a DSP works
  • How a DMP works
  • Why Managing A Programmatic Buy Differs From Managing A Standard Buy
  • Key Trends in Programmatic
Day Two: Intermediate

Intermediate/experienced training for those who seek to gain deeper knowledge and understanding programmatic.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction and State of Programmatic Today
  • Viewability: What’s Happening and Implications
  • The Changing World of Video: Online + Linear TV
  • Cross-Platform Considerations
  • Measuring Success: Attribution and Outcomes
  • Implementing Header Bidding
  • Data Management: What You Need To Do It Well
  • Fraud: What You Can Do To Minimize Its Effect
  • Different Structures for Success: Agencies, Clients, Publishers
  • Future of Marketing Video
  • GDPR, ePrivacy, and other global pending regulation
  • Exercise/Breakout Session
  • What To Expect in The Next Three Years

Previous attendees to the Prohaska Programmatic Training Series:

Singapore Training Dates:

Day One: 101  14 August 2018


Day Two: Intermediate: 15 August 2018


Full Session: 101 & Intermediate 14-15 August 2018



The Great Room

1 George Street, Level 10
Singapore 049145

Meet the Trainers: