LAMP v1.5

The Landscape of Attribution & Measurement Partners

Our perspective on the fast-moving A&M landscape.

Measurement—it’s not in everyone’s title, but it IS in everyone’s job description. If you’re responsible for investment, you’re responsible for outcomes, and, with the tech tax approaching 50% of spend, proving ROI is more important than ever. We believe that only a truly holistic A&M strategy can prove out total ROI of both working and non-working media investment; the challenge lies creating and curating the data needed to develop that holistic view and finding the right partners to bring the vision to life.

The Landscape of Attribution & Measurement Partners 1.5 (LAMP) from Prohaska Consulting categorizes leading A&M platforms across multiple channels to help marketers assemble the unique cocktail of partners for their unique media mix.



companies classified by propritary research, publicly available data, and self-classification by vendors

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LAMP 1.5 can help you

Better understand the fast moving landscape

Future-proof your A&M strategy

Decrease the tech tax

Prove out the total ROI of ALL dollars, both working and non-working media investmen

Download LAMP v1.5

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