Sales, BD, Corp Dev, and GTM Strategy for the Digital Marketing and Media Ecosystem

“The essence of Magnify is simple: we leverage our industry insights and relationships on behalf of our clients to help them refine and expand their industry footprint, grow their customer base and increase revenue. It’s not as easy as we make it look, but with Magnify on your side, your product solution will get the attention it deserves”  – Maria Link, SVP, Magnify Global

A fast-changing digital marketplace requires an experienced team and deep industry connections. Prohaska, has  been at the forefront of the digital media and marketing ecosystem for over a decade, working closely with buyers, publishers, tech companies, trade orgs and investors—our network is second to none. We put that network at your disposal with Magnify, a flexible, integrated sales solution designed to help businesses meet short and long-term needs.

Magnify has the resources you need to pivot quickly, boost sales, and remain nimble amid a volatile economy. Our seasoned team of sales strategists and network of key relationships places your firm front and center, delivering  amplified awareness, an accelerated sales cycle, and a higher win rate.

The Magnify Advantage

Magnify teams are custom-built to deliver on your goals. In the initial phase, we select veteran martech strategists with significant expertise specific to your business to refine and differentiate go-to-market positioning, inclusive of messaging, collateral, pricing, and ideal client profile (ICP).

We then transition into market outreach on your behalf, bringing in sales strategists with an average of 18+ years in tech and deep reach into your ICP to set activity targets and network into new conversations and prospects that align with your objectives. Your Magnify sales partners can be used to augment your existing team, or act as a short or long-term sales org, boosting your ROI and operational agility by saving on the time and expense of securing full-time hires.

Whether you need initial introductions to hand off to your own BD team, or turnkey service with support right through to a signed contract, we assure a collaborative approach from day one.

Demand Development

The Demand Development team helps Tech Providers and Publishers bring their solutions to the buy side. Magnify works with clients to assess the competition, size the market, and identify brands, agencies, and/or DSPs that present the best business opportunities. Team Magnify team acts as your eyes and ears within the buy side marketplace, providing valuable feedback to shape pitch, product, position, and price and opens doors to new opportunities within your identified ideal client set.


Tech Development

The Tech Dev team works with technology solutions companies looking to do business with SSPs and DSPs.  Our tech dev clients rely on us to educate their target customers on the importance of the challenges they solve, the unique value of their offering in solving for those challenges, and to carve out white space in an increasingly crowded and competitive market.

Publisher Development

The Magnify Pub Dev team works with tech companies to position their solutions front and center with key publishers amplifying awareness, accelerating the sales cycle, and increasing ROI with minimal overhead and effort.

Corporate Development

Magnify’s corporate development group helps newly-formed or well-established companies with fundraising or M&A preparation and guidance, along with outsourced Chief Financial Officer services. Magnify also works with Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Strategic firms seeking due diligence on technical and commercial viability

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