Boost your revenue with experienced sellers

Scaling Your Sales Efforts Globally or Regionally

In today’s crowded marketplace, even the best solutions, products, or technologies can find significant challenges getting to the right decision makers and generating relevant feedback, leads, and sales. That’s why we have these focused business development teams at Magnify representing our clients in



Platforms and


demand development

Demand Development

With Magnify’s Demand Development team, clients are able to generate marketplace outreach and gain valuable insight. Whether you’re looking to reach brands/marketers, agencies, or DSPs, our team of experienced business development professionals can be your first eyes and ears to the buy side marketplace.

publisher development

Publisher Development

Magnify’s Publisher Development Group is comprised of 10 industry veterans with more than 120 years combined experience. The team gets clients in front of key publishers through a trusted source, accelerates their sales cycles, and reduces overhead costs.  

Tech development

Tech Development

Magnify’s tech development team leverages high level relationships with DMPs, DSPs, and other technology providers, to help clients sell tech and data solutions. 

corporate developement

Corporate Development

Magnify’s corporate development group helps newly-formed or well-established companies with fundraising or M&A preparation and guidance, along with outsourced Chief Financial Officer services. Magnify also works with Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Strategic firms seeking due diligence on technical and commercial viability.