Michael Stoeckel

VP, Global Tech Strategy & Publisher Operations

Digital advertising veteran Michael Stoeckel brings a unique skill-set to his role at Prohaska Consulting. He has led tech, marketing and operations teams to drive innovation for well-known publishers and a major financial institution.

As head of Prohaska Consulting Tech Strategy, Michael oversees the company’s work with advertising/marketing tech suppliers. He also directs Publisher Strategy, where he manages engagements with Prohaska Consulting’s extensive roster of publishing clients.

As VP of Ad Revenue Operations at the New York Times, Michael rebuilt their programmatic ad business and separately managed a team of over 60 people across ad platforms, sales planning, ad operations and yield optimization strategies. Previously, he was Head of Platform Innovation at JPMorgan Chase, where he established the initial teams and tools that provided advanced advertising delivery and targeting across JPMorgan Chaseʼs digital properties (Owned Media) and outbound campaigns (Paid Media).   He is well known in  New York media circles, having also worked with Fox Interactive Media and at Time Warner Inc.

An alumni of both NYU, where he received a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics, and Notre Dame, Michael lives in New Jersey with his family and has the distinction of  being the only Prohaska Consultant to arrive at work each day on a boat.  Hey, it beats the sweaty subway…