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Prohaska Consulting Releases First Public Research Study, Focus on Programmatic Talent

Prohaska Consulting Releases First Public Research Study, Focus on Programmatic Talent cover

January 29, 2020, New York, London – Prohaska Consulting, the most-experienced and award-winning global programmatic consultancy, has released its first-ever public whitepaper from proprietary research tracking trends and opportunities in Programmatic Talent for Brands, Agencies, Tech, and Publishers.

The 4Q19 study received responses from more than 600 employees from a range of large to small companies and tracks how much Agencies or Brands and Publishers have integrated programmatic buying and selling, respectively, as opposed to separate teams inside or outside the organization. In late 2014, Prohaska Consulting predicted that every major global holding company would fold their separated Agency Trading Desk back into the traditional media teams. Yet while most agencies claim to have an integrated team, in-brand or in-theory, Prohaska found that the large majority of programmatic buying is still conducted separately.

And while programmatic selling was once thought of as simply allowing for Open Auction buying with a Publisher’s Operations team, the rise of Private Marketplaces, Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed, have allowed a Publisher’s sales team to continue conducting direct transactions with their clients. However, only one quarter of Publishers’ teams today are selling in an integrated fashion.

Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal of Prohaska Consulting, stresses that while most are far from full-integration, the trend continues to be moving in that direction. “We know that not every Publisher and every Agency or Brand should have programmatic immediately integrated from Day 1. But those that have over the last several years are seeing real benefits for their teammates, their relationships, and their efficiency for driving either more revenue or better ROI on spend. We are encouraged that so many Publishers and Agencies plan to further integrate their teams over the next two years, through recruiting, training, and improving culture.”

The 2020 Programmatic Talent Study has an Executive Summary available for free by clicking the download button below, with an opportunity for Publishers, Agencies, Brands, and Tech to order a custom deeper-dive of the full report, including a tailored private discussion with the Prohaska team.

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