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Prohaska Consulting Announces Three Teammate Promotions

Prohaska Consulting Announces Three Teammate Promotions cover

Hope everyone in the U.S. had a nice Thanksgiving and everyone outside the U.S. had a nice break from us Americans…

We want to keep the holiday going by giving thanks here to three great teammates that I am excited to announce have been promoted, starting today.

Renee Kujawski is now VP, Global Operations & Research Lead. Renee joined us more than five years ago and has been our wonderful Swiss Army Knife, Glue Guy (endearing sports term), and helper wherever needed. In addition to leading the Operations practice now for Glenn Spoto, she has been the day-to-day point in our Marketing team, handling much of our Paid, Earned, and Owned Media with me and Mike Ouellette, while often needing to learn on the fly. Renee’s research background has also allowed us to win and deliver on several client engagements, developing our qualitative and quantitative capabilities in-house and externally. Renee works tirelessly for PC and we all appreciate her efforts.

Maria Link is now Global VP, Magnify. Maria first joined us in early 2016 and we’re lucky she rejoined us in 2018 after relocating her family to LA. Maria has been running Client Services for Magnify globally since returning and has done such a great job leading day-to-day with that team and post-close for our Magnify clients that we thought she should simply run the whole practice. Despite COVID and challenges for us and our industry, Magnify had its best quarter ever in 3Q20, in great part thanks to Maria’s leadership. She shares and executes our vision around being metrics-driven, disciplined around what clients we work with, and recruiting/managing great teammates for Pub Dev, Demand Dev, Tech Dev, and Corp Dev. Plus her brilliant skill in faking a comforting British accent for five years now…has helped us to retain clients and teammates at our highest rates ever.

Ameet Shah is now Partner, Global VP Tech Strategy & Publisher Operations, joining Scott Bender as our second Partner at Prohaska. After contributing to dozens of client projects starting in early 2016, Ameet took over the leadership of both teams in late 2018. Since then, the quality and consistency from each team have escalated, thanks to his discipline and demeanor for steady output and respected deliverables. We owe much to Ameet’s skill and effort to appreciate why Vevo has been our top client not just in 2020 but throughout our company’s history. Often helping beyond his two-team responsibility, his process and strategic inputs have helped our whole organization with improving our best practices.

These three key executives have helped us not just survive during this very challenging year but now start to thrive again as we leverage our growing momentum and move into an exciting 2021 together. Please join me in thanking and congratulating all three of these great teammates!

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