Prohaska Perspectives: February 2021

I hope you continue to be safe, healthy, and off to a good start in ‘21. As we gain momentum and brace for more change, stating this will be a big year for Identity would be as obvious as 7+ billion people saying they are looking forward to COVID disappearing into a great void never to be heard from again.

Our Identity work, focused on supporting all verticals as we move to a post-cookie world, will ensure they are positioned to succeed. We know a cocktail of Deterministic, Probabilistic, and Contextual personalization with a mix of Identity partners is necessary going forward.

As expected, Google’s backing of FLoC that was recently announced is great … if everyone spends every dollar/pound/Euro with Google. Where Google hopes to keep their data roach motel of insights going in and being used there, but not being allowed out, Brands, Publishers, and Marketers alike must have solutions that personalize their content, reaching consumers and audiences wherever and whenever it matters the most.

Let us not bypass the irony that Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is now upset with Apple. Hopefully, Facebook’s leadership team can empathize a bit more with how thousands of other marketers feel by having their personalization and ROI limited by a single company.

Smart folks know it is tough to have a solid Identity structure without supporting Attribution & Measurement data points. Borrowing a bit from the classic The Blues Brothers film, Prohaska Consulting is “on a Mission from God” to change Brands’ and Agencies’ addiction to “Last Click, Last Touch” and ease the hangover from this exclusive attribution methodology.

This is not easy. Many of us “grew up” on these teachings and understand the challenges convincing CMOs and Media Directors that the formulas and tactics used to drive such a great ROI in mostly walled gardens is likely flawed. Now is the time to get them comfortable and confident in upgrading their methodology.

There is lots of good work to do. Fortunately, more folks in our industry want to be on the right side of history and to be a part of solutions that are consumer-first, privacy-first, with the goal of having a global media supply chain with more than three companies. We predicted 20 months ago (pre-COVID, pre-Chrome cookie-dropping plans) that our global team would be in a strategic position to support and develop strategies that impact our industry and drive it forward.

We cannot run from change, but we can certainly meet it head on.

Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal