Prohaska Research
Intelligence and insights for media industry decision makers

Understand your audience. Best the competition. 

Team Prohaska has a saying—the quality of the solution delivered depends on the quality of the questions asked. Whether you’re planning a campaign, launching a product, trying to outsmart the competition, or seeking greater efficiency in your internal processes, the success of any endeavor rests squarely on the research that informs it.

Prohaska Consulting’s position within the media landscape gives us a unique vantage point; our work with buyers, sellers, startups, agencies, and the investment community provides our research team with a holistic view of the market that few others can see. This singular perspective enables us to collect and refine intelligence and insights that help our clients capture a greater share of their desired audience and differentiate successfully in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace. Our expertise includes:

  • Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)
  • Survey Design, Fielding, and Analysis of Results
  • Expert, Influential & Channel Partner Studies
  • Qualitative Research Studies
  • Quantitative Research Studies
  • Syndicated, multi-client, and semi-custom customer surveys
  • Data analysis including statistical data analysis

Market Opportunity Research

What markets are worth pursuing? What’s your share of the total addressable market (TAM) relative to the competition? What percentage of the serviceable addressable market (SAM) can you realistically capture? We employ proprietary research and data analysis to assess marketplace dynamics and size the opportunity, enabling you to focus marketing and sales efforts with streamlined efficiency.    


Our extensive in-house buy-side expertise has helped many clients establish a leading position in their category; custom, quantitative research provides a highly valuable layer of additional insights. We employ in-depth interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys to further refine value proposition, determine where and how to engage most effectively and determine factors—e.g. pricing, feature sets, customer service —that are most compelling to your ideal customer.        

Thought Leadership

The most effective and impactful thought leadership is fueled by proprietary insights. Team Prohaska excels in developing custom research that positions your brand as an inspirational leader in your area of expertise and in designing the resulting whitepapers, playbooks, and studies that engage your audience and drive demand.    

Brand Research

Actionable, data-driven research is the key to understanding who your customers are and how they perceive your brand. Prohaska’s methodology distills the right questions and identifies the ideal audience for your brand research needs to deliver insights on customer perceptions, reveal new audience segments, assess competitive positioning, and uncover opportunities for exponential growth.    

Attribution & Measurement

40-50% of advertiser budgets go to non-working media costs; nowhere is tech tax more egregious than in Attribution & Measurement. Prohaska’s A&M research offering evolved from countless engagements devoted to helping our clients consolidate their strategy and tech stack. We apply our proprietary research methodology to devise a single, holistic A&M stack and strategy that prove out total ROI of all dollars, both working and non-working media investment, and deliver lift across all silos.    

Investor Research

Our years of experience in advising tech startups powers the transactional tech diligence we offer to the investor community. Team Prohaska performs target company assessment inclusive of competitive positioning, customer demand, management, product roadmap, and go-to-market strategy and advises on post investment/acquisition integration and growth.