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Sellers, Beware Of The Customer You Can’t Afford

Sellers, Beware Of The Customer You Can’t Afford cover

Today’s column is written by Ward Flock, global vice president, Magnify, at Prohaska Consulting.

If you’re expecting to find yet another article about selling during a recession, feel free to browse elsewhere.

Many sage sales consultants talk about promoting collaboration, planting seeds for the future or taking whatever you can get during these uncertain times. I get it, but there’s another bigger danger these days and it could be your next customer – the customer you can’t afford.

In the spirit of my favorite movie, “The Shawshank Redemption,” you can escape the metaphorical COVID-19 prison to stand in the pouring rain – but not if you stay in your cell. You can win in this desolate market by choosing and nurturing positive partnerships with good ROI. Read more here

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