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The Crawl, Walk, Run Guide To Contextual Targeting

The Crawl, Walk, Run Guide To Contextual Targeting cover

Matt Prohaska quoted in the recent AdExchanger article on contextual targeting, “Brands are going to need a cocktail of deterministic, probabilistic, and contextual targeting.”

Contextual targeting online dates back more than a decade. But the technique is having a renaissance as marketers test out strategies that work in a cookie-free world.

Context can also signal intent. An appliance brand targeted content that people tended to read as they stepped toward buying its products, and saw 50% gains in performance compared to its normal targeting parameters because it was able to “hone in on an area of the conversion funnel,” said DoubleVerify Chief Product Officer Jack Smith.

In this application, context is trying to accomplish the same thing as behavioral advertising – just with a single data point. Read more here.

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