Post-Cookie Targeting Analysis

Assessing Targeting in a Post-Cookie World

An increasingly siloed internet has led to imbalance across the ecosystem, and it’s not getting any easier. Privacy, in particular is accelerating the imbalance. The evolution of browsers, the demise of third-party cookies, and growing consumer awareness (not to mention burgeoning government regulation) are fast-tracking marketers toward a future where it’s no longer opt-out, but opt-in.

The Post-Cookie Targeting Analysis (PCTA) Project was conceived by Prohaska Consulting to explore the opportunities presented by Deterministic, Probabilistic, Contextual, and Behavioral options in an effort to determine what success looks like in this new landscape.

The Approach

Prohaska Consulting has assembled  a consortium of advertisers, agencies, and data/technology providers to test our working hypothesis—i.e., that optimal targeting strategies in a post-cookie world are dependent on advertiser objectives and business conditions. Together, we are examining how campaigns perform across multiple targeting methodologies in order to uncover best practices for targeting and to fully understand the impact the lack of cookies will have on the efficacy of each method.

  • Deterministic: Known PII 1st party
  • Behavioral: 1st and 3rd party purchase based and web behavior
  • Contexutal: Content and location
  • Probabilistic: 
    • Inferred
    • Look-alike/Cohorts


Our approach to this study is one of partnership.  We are bringing the industry together in an effort to discover:

  • Whether the new methods produce the same benefits and limitations
  • The pros and cons to each tactic
  • Which combinations of two or more of these tactics leads to the greatest performance for a campaign
  • A firm understanding of  how  to best to utilize all of these targeting solutions in an increasingly cookie-less environment.

PCTA Partners

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The study is under way and results will be released in Q3—to receive the final report, fill out the form below.