Identity Partner List: Version 5.5

100+ identity solutions to help you succeed in a post-cookie world

The Identity Partner List

As third-party cookies vanish, CMOs confront mounting pressure: complying with new regulations, safeguarding customer data, and delivering equal or improved results and revenue. The key to solving these challenges lies in identity-based solutions: combining Deterministic, Probabilistic, and Contextual options from multiple partners (no one partner reaches 100% scale, no matter what they might tell you ;-).


Download the Identity Partner List v5.5

The IPL v5.5 sorts top regional and global providers across these categories, providing brands insights into the post-cookie identity and targeting landscape.

1. This list excludes companies managing ID passing (e.g., Identity Hubs).
2. The IPL defines “Global” as having a presence in 3 or more regions

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