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Our relationships with great publishers run deep.

We’ve helped household names like Vevo, Hulu, Univision, and The Wall Street Journal grow revenue, develop new products, and increase operational effectiveness. From yield management and site & ad strategy to operation and sales enablement, sell-side team designs custom solutions to create a direct, positive impact on revenue.

Publisher Solutions

Projects and engagement scopes can vary, but the focus is generally aligned or summarized by three areas: Tech, Targets, and Talent. 

  • Tech:
    Focused on actual deployment and use of technology-based solutions, platforms, and infrastructure
  • Targets:
    Focused on the actual ad-related features, go-to-market positioning, sales offerings, targeting abilities, audience attributes, and data utilization
  • Talent:
    Focused on the people-based dependencies to support and improve solutions.


Tech offerings:

  • Customer Data Platform: solutions include RFP, selection, activation, strategy, & optimization
  • Data Management Platform: solutions include RFP, selection, activation, strategy, & optimization
  • Development: web, mobile apps, and OTT/CTV app development
  • Identity Platform Development


  • Ad troubleshooting
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Yield Optimization


  • Hands-on-keyboard support
  • Organizational Structure
  • Recruiting
  • Sales: Organizational, compensation
  • Training: Includes Programmatic Training (101, 201, 301), Sales Training, CDP Training, Attribution & Measurement training

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