Gaining the skills and information necessary to be successful in programmatic, sales strategies, and more.

About Our Training

Prohaska Consulting offers a range of topics and options to educate Brands, Agencies, Publishers, Ad Tech companies, Investors, and Trade Group Members – from valuable fundamentals to more advanced knowledge.

Training Offering


Our CDP training, also known as CDP University (CDPU), contains a series of modules that train you on how CDP’s are used effectively, applying the CDP to your marketing funnel, and case studies to show you how to most effectively use them. Our modules include multiple quizzes, guest speakers, case studies, and breakout chats with a certification after you complete all of the above.

Attribution & Measurement

Our A&M training starts with 101 level inclusion with elements of 201, and then a preview of the 301 level. This training is full-day and can be hybrid or virtual within multiple cities in the US and globally. In partnership with the IAB, this training will cover the foundations, then measurement strategy pre-requisites, measurement and data-driven decision-making, sponsor demos and much more.

Data & Identity

Our data & identity training consists of a workshop or company specific training that can help you prepare for the post-cookie world. This training goes through the different types of identity data, different data types, how to manage this data, and the identity landscape. This interactive training for your company or from the workshop help prepare you on how to capitalize on the fall of the third-party cookie.

DOOH Training

This training consists of an online course which introduces you to programmatic DOOH, gives a seller’s & buyer’s perspective, and how to use programmatic DOOH in your company. This is typically used to integrate in your sales efforts, since programmatic should be the new focus in this landscape we have today. Along with the training program, there is an overview of today’s programmatic landscape and how your tailored programmatic tech stack works to improve your sales.

Ad Operation Skills

We have multiple options for ad operation skills: the first is a company specific training including buy and sell side, while the second is training for the Digital Ad Operations Certification (DAOC) by the IAB. If you are looking for company specific training, we cover ad servers (buy and sell side), inventory management, audience data, and more areas of ad ops skills. For the DAOC training, we cover each section of the exam, tools that you can use, and necessary skills and attributes needed in ad operations.

Media Strategy & Development

This is a workshop dedicated to recognizing what aspects of media each participant needs to focus on to deliver an effective marketing and media strategy. As a result of this workshop you will be better able to solve media challenges, while optimizing media as an extension of brand marketing strategy. Some but not all of the categories covered include Media Planning, Measurement Plans, and Integrated Plans.

Sales & Viewability

Our sales & viewability training offers a multitude of options for each company. The training can be tailored for you, include a demo with one of your SSP/DSP/DMP partners, and can also give a full review of the product, pricing, positions, and pipeline at your company. Another part of this is viewability training , which helps you maximize your use of your data and ads when pitching to potential clients. You also have an option for full-day, half-day, virtual or in-person with this training.

Paid Social Training

Our paid social training includes an overview of paid social media platforms, how to utilize them to be more efficient in your campaigns, and how to plan a campaign on paid social media platforms. Also included in this training is an overview of what tech, targets, and types of talent you should use during paid social campaigns. Overall, this training is to support your social campaigns and provide you with an effective buying strategy.


We have trained more buyers and sellers than any independent firm in the world in programmatic. This training is designed to assist media professionals to navigate the evolving programmatic ecosystem. These training sessions can range from Beginner to Expert sessions. These sessions will lay the groundwork for the programmatic landscape and will illustrate the buying and selling process to build programmatic success.

Types of Training

We offer multiple types of training that include virtual, in-person, and live training. These can either be a full day, half day, a couple of hours, or even multiple days depending on the customization of your training needs. For example, our Smarter from Home series was a webinar series, in which each week we would host a webinar with a different topic each week. This could be specified for your company based on your needs whether it be in-person or virtual or it could be for programmatic or ad operation skills.

Our overall program development for each company includes content generation, customization, and maintenance based on your company’s training needs.

Outside of being taught knowledge within the digital advertising industry and how to use new, useful technologies we offer Executive Prep and Coaching Services. Clients have come to us for these services to prepare for press interviews, investor meetings, and conferences/public appearances. We have plenty of experience presenting at conferences, participating in investor meetings, and being interviews by the press, so we can train you on how to approach each different type of scenario.

Benefits of Working Together

  • Prohaska Consulting offers a unique 360-degree view of the digital landscape from our work across the six industries noted above. We have helped more than 250 clients globally in just the past four years, including successfully training more than 2,300 programmatic buyers,, sellers, and tech leaders and more on other topics. Why have we attracted so much business? 
  • Our holistic approach to understanding the ecosystem provides a unique and important perspective. 
  • We ground theory in reality to make complex subjects come alive. 
  • Each instructor has in-market experience, in addition to being able to speak compellingly and encourage interaction among the attendees. 
  • There is no “off the shelf” training. Every program is created to match a client’s specific needs. 
  • We know the importance of fresh content. Even when clients ask us to teach the same content repeatedly, we offer updates to ensure content is current

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