Why Prohaska

Because media savvy and managing success are inherent to our DNA.

You need help. That’s why you turn to consultants.

We offer expertise, quick solutions, and a flexible path to success without sacrificing quality. This is where we excel. We bring this unique combination to the media industry.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we’re all about being personally immersed in the world of digital media, so we truly understand what succeeds and what fails.


of our global team have never worked at a consulting firm before joining Prohaska

Our consultants have worked in the same strategic and operational leadership roles where we advise our clients. That's just one reason they hire us.

Prohaska Consultants have:

  • Led media strategy for brand teams.
  • Executed media plans at agencies.
  • Optimized yield at global publishers.
  • Delivered M&A due diligence for investors.
  • Built ad-tech companies from the ground up.

So what do clients get from Prohaska Consultants?

Not an ivory tower view of the way things should be, but a clear, measured, and experienced view of the way things actually are. And a path forward. That’s why we’re unique to the industry.

We’d love to hear from you.

That’s not just something we say. Because probably the only thing that Matt Prohaska likes to do more than talk - is to help people.

And if you’re a client or a potential consultant, we’ll find a way to help.

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