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Expertise on understanding audiences.

The post-cookie world is filled with question marks

Our expertise and leadership in and Data & Identity continues to create significant positive impact. It's a service, not coincidentally, that's dominated by Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, while thousands of publishers and brands have been trying really hard to play catch up. 

In this part of the ad world, things continue to change faster than imaginable, and we’re a leading voice in the industry to help everyone understand the direction, implications, and realtime outcomes of all that change.

No firm is quoted more in trade publications around the important topics like this  facing this industry. No firm has helped shape the narrative around ensuring a fair and equitable ecosystem based on appropriate consumer-first and privacy-first Identity, attribution, and measurement. 

We take pride in leading the industry with our true north star of best practices that don't just allow companies to stay on the right side of history, but to value customers and audiences most appropriately. We believe that creating the best personalized experiences around content and marketing should ensure stable journalism and profitable publishing.

"Our holistic perspective enables us to provide advisory services rooted in a fundamental understanding of the technologies, challenges, and key players involved. That's an invaluable advantage for our investor clients.

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The Identity Partners List (version 5.5) sorts top regional and global providers across these categories, providing brands insights into the post-cookie identity and targeting landscape.

Download the PDF report today, talk with us about your thoughts on the future of data, identity, and privacy.


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