Ad You Like

Adyoulike is a global advertising platform specializing in native advertising. Founded in Paris in 2011, the company provides a sophisticated supply-side platform (SSP) for native advertising, allowing advertisers to scale their campaigns across a wide network of premium publishers. The platform supports various ad formats, including native, video, and social story ads, designed to seamlessly integrate with the user experience, resulting in higher engagement and better brand lift.

Adyoulike’s technology connects third-party demand-side platforms (DSPs) with a vast inventory of premium infeed native advertising in real-time, enabling programmatic native advertising at scale. The company works with over 4,000 brands, agencies, and publishers, including prominent names like The Guardian, Prisma Media, and Groupe Marie-Claire​​.

In 2022, Adyoulike was acquired by OpenWeb for $100 million, enhancing OpenWeb’s capabilities to provide privacy-friendly, engaging, and social ad experiences across the open internet​​.

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