AirGrid is a privacy-focused audience platform that helps marketers and publishers adopt a privacy-first approach to audience modeling and activation. By creating and modeling audiences directly on users’ devices, AirGrid ensures that all personal data remains local and private, avoiding the need for cookies. This platform leverages machine learning to segment traffic from all browsers, allowing for effective audience targeting without compromising user privacy.

For marketers, AirGrid facilitates the definition of custom audience models across a network of premium publishers without handling user data. This enables performance optimization through automation and access to anonymized web data. Marketers can activate their audience models in their chosen DSPs with just a few clicks and analyze audience performance to inform future marketing activities.

Publishers can use AirGrid to maintain control over their first-party data, generate incremental revenue, and ensure data privacy. The platform connects publishers to buyers, allowing them to share audience catalogs for activation and maximize yield. By integrating with existing systems and supporting real-time data modules for header bidding, AirGrid enhances both publisher inventory yield and advertiser performance.

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