Amperity is an AI-powered customer data platform (CDP) that specializes in identity resolution, helping businesses unify and manage their customer data across multiple channels. The platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately resolve identities, even as customer information changes or as they interact across different touchpoints. This capability allows businesses to build comprehensive and accurate customer profiles.

The key differentiator is the platform’s patented AI/ML technology that connects disparate data points and creates stable, universal identifiers for each customer. This ensures that customer profiles remain accurate and up-to-date as new data is collected.

The platform can ingest raw data at any scale without extensive data preparation. It uses schema-free ingestion and pre-built cleaning rules to normalize data, which helps in building accurate profiles quickly. Finally, Amperity applies semantic tags to data, which helps in understanding and organizing information. Users can customize identity resolution rules to fit specific business needs, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of the customer profiles.

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