Captify is a leader in search intelligence, transforming real-time search data into actionable insights for advertisers and publishers. The platform processes over 33 billion searches monthly to uncover consumer intent, interests, and mindsets, providing a deep understanding of search behavior. This allows for precise targeting that goes beyond standard contextual methods. Captify’s cookieless solutions ensure privacy compliance and future-proof activation across digital, online video, TV, and digital out-of-home (DOOH) platforms, using managed services, curation, or self-serve options.

Captify’s global reach encompasses over 2 billion devices and 3 million websites from more than 1,500 publishers, offering extensive data coverage. Their search intelligence technology helps advertisers measure the impact of their campaigns, delivering unique insights into consumer behavior and overall business outcomes. Trusted by over 800 global brands, including eBay, Heineken, and Bose, Captify enables more effective and targeted advertising strategies by leveraging vast search data and advanced semantic technology​.

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