Comscore is a premier media measurement and analytics company that helps businesses plan, transact, and evaluate media across various platforms, including digital, television, OTT (over-the-top), and theatrical viewership. Known for its transformative data science, Comscore provides extensive audience insights and reliable cross-platform measurement solutions. These capabilities allow clients to understand consumer behavior across different media channels, optimize advertising strategies, and maximize ROI through precise audience measurement and advertising analytics​.

Key features of Comscore include cross-platform audience measurement that spans digital, TV, and OTT, providing a comprehensive view of audience interactions. The platform also offers industry-specific solutions tailored to sectors like automotive, retail, financial services, and entertainment, among others. Additionally, Comscore’s programmatic targeting tools enable precise cross-platform audience targeting, while their global box office measurement provides critical insights for the film industry. These robust analytics and data capabilities make Comscore a trusted partner for navigating modern media consumption and advertising complexities​.

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