Criteo is a global technology company that provides a Commerce Media Platform designed to help advertisers, media owners, and retailers achieve their marketing goals through impactful and data-driven advertising. The platform leverages the world’s largest open commerce dataset and advanced AI technology to offer solutions across multiple channels, including display, video, and social media. This unified platform connects advertisers with retailers and publishers, facilitating precise audience targeting, campaign optimization, and comprehensive measurement to drive commerce on the open internet​​.

Key features of Criteo include the Shopper Graph, which integrates shopper IDs and commerce data to enhance campaign scalability and personalization. Performance Media solutions, such as customer acquisition, retention, and dynamic retargeting, help increase conversions and customer lifetime value by delivering tailored product ads to high-intent audiences. Additionally, Criteo’s Retail Media solutions enable brands to engage and convert shoppers with relevant ads near the digital point of sale, enhancing the overall shopping experience and boosting sales​​.

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