Flashtalking, now part of Mediaocean, offers an advanced ad tech platform that excels in end-to-end campaign management across digital channels like social media, mobile, video, and connected TV. It integrates creative and media seamlessly, leveraging dynamic creative optimization (DCO) for highly personalized and impactful messaging. This ensures ads reach the right audience at the right time. Flashtalking supports omnichannel ad serving, maintaining consistent performance and integration across multiple platforms while ensuring data transparency and compliance. This cookieless solution allows advertisers to track performance and optimize campaigns effectively without relying on traditional cookies.

In response to the deprecation of third-party cookies, Flashtalking provides robust cookieless audience solutions that maintain targeting and measurement effectiveness while adhering to privacy regulations. The platform also offers comprehensive verification and brand safety tools to ensure secure ad placements. Additionally, Flashtalking leverages AI-powered tools for enhanced creative intelligence and optimization, streamlining the production and distribution of creative assets. With strategic global partnerships in 89 international markets, Flashtalking is well-equipped to support advertisers with localized expertise and expansive reach, helping brands deliver relevant and impactful messages to their target consumers.

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