Merkury, Merkle’s identity solution, is designed to help organizations navigate the challenges of a cookieless digital environment by leveraging first-party data to build and manage private identity graphs. Merkury unifies known and anonymous customer data into a single, persistent person-based ID, allowing for real-time personalization and retargeting across multiple channels. This enables brands to deliver hyper-personalized experiences and improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

The platform integrates seamlessly with major marketing technologies and data management systems, including Adobe, Salesforce, AWS, and Snowflake. Merkury also features a privacy-safe data clean room that allows for secure data collaboration and analysis, enhancing customer insights and improving marketing effectiveness. By combining first-party data with quality third-party data and cookieless media connections, Merkury provides a comprehensive solution for identity resolution, audience targeting, and campaign measurement, ensuring compliance with evolving privacy regulations​.

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