Nano Interactive

Nano Interactive is an advertising technology platform that focuses on privacy-first, identity-free targeting solutions. It specializes in leveraging live intent data to enhance digital advertising effectiveness without relying on personal identifiers like cookies, IP addresses, or email addresses. One of its key offerings is the Consumer Intent Score (CIS), which combines live intent data with deep contextual and entity analysis using a 15-point scoring model. This model employs machine learning and natural language processing to understand the sentiment and context of web content in real-time, enabling precise and effective audience targeting. This ensures brands can deliver the right message to the right audience at optimal moments, addressing the challenges of a post-cookie world​​.

In addition to CIS, Nano Interactive provides Intent Persona Targeting, allowing brands to target specific demographics without using personal data. Their platform includes advanced measurement tools like the “Time in View” metric, which evaluates the quality of user interactions beyond traditional success measures. These features enable advertisers to maintain performance and accuracy in their campaigns while ensuring privacy compliance. Nano’s solutions extend reach across cookieless environments, driving significant brand uplifts and enabling impactful, privacy-respecting advertising campaigns​.

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