News Pass ID

NewsPassID is an initiative by the Local Media Consortium (LMC) designed to enhance digital advertising for local media by creating a network of thousands of trusted local news sites across the U.S. and Canada. This platform aggregates inventory from member sites to increase the reach and scale for advertisers, helping local publishers compete for national ad buys. It emphasizes brand safety, ensuring ads are placed on credible news outlets that adhere to high-quality standards. This not only protects the advertiser’s brand but also improves engagement with the target audience by delivering ads in a trusted and relevant context​​.

Additionally, NewsPassID focuses on privacy compliance and data protection, working with legal counsels and consent management platforms to adhere to privacy regulations and safeguard user data. The platform improves advertising performance by providing a transparent and efficient path between advertisers and publishers, optimizing ad budgets, and enhancing the return on investment for advertisers. It supports first-party data strategies, allowing better targeting and audience segmentation, thus enabling local media to navigate the complexities of a cookie-less environment while boosting their revenue and maintaining consumer trust​.

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