Novatiq is a provider of privacy-first digital identity solutions, specializing in telco-verified IDs. These IDs are built on consented first-party intelligence from telecommunication networks, enabling telcos, publishers, brands, and marketers to verify and activate audiences at scale. This approach addresses the challenges posed by the deprecation of third-party cookies and other traditional tracking methods. By leveraging telco data, Novatiq offers a more secure and privacy-compliant method for identifying and targeting users across digital platforms.

Novatiq’s core offerings include the Zenith ID, a cross-domain ID verification solution that provides consistent user recognition for accurate analytics, and the Hyper ID, a dynamic, anonymous ID used for real-time audience activation. These solutions are designed to enhance campaign performance, reduce ad fraud, and ensure compliance with global privacy regulations. Novatiq’s technology empowers advertisers to deliver more relevant and personalized ads, improving user experience while maintaining data privacy.

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