Quintesse is an advanced contextual intelligence platform that focuses on providing precise and scalable contextual targeting solutions for digital marketers. Launched in 2019 by Douglas Stevenson and Richard Brindley, Quintesse uses sophisticated technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), curated machine learning (CML), and a lemmatization method to offer deep semantic analysis. This enables the platform to understand content down to the paragraph level, including sentiment and emotional tone, ensuring highly accurate and relevant ad placements​​.

One of Quintesse’s standout features is its Curated Brand Marketplaces, which allow advertisers and agencies to create custom semantic maps to define content requirements for brand safety and suitability. These maps are then used to analyze the global bidstream, selecting only the most appropriate URLs and pages for ad placement. This process is integrated with top demand-side platforms (DSPs) and ad exchanges, such as Xandr and IPONWEB, to activate contextually targeted campaigns across multiple channels. This ensures that advertisers can reach their target audiences effectively while maintaining privacy compliance and brand safety.

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