Roku supports TV streaming measurement with a framework of verified identity based on their direct relationships with streamers. They allow brands to combine their preferred data sources with those of Roku to measure reach, brand resonance, sales attribution, and more.

The platform provides several robust identity solutions for marketers through its OneView Ad Platform, which leverages TV identity data from its extensive user base. The OneView platform allows advertisers to manage their digital advertising campaigns across various formats, including OTT (over-the-top), desktop, and mobile, reaching a significant portion of U.S. households. This platform integrates data from The Roku Channel and other streaming apps to offer comprehensive audience targeting and measurement capabilities.

OneView uses advanced data and audience segments, allowing marketers to create and optimize campaigns effectively. The platform provides detailed insights and analytics, enabling precise targeting based on user behavior and preferences. Additionally, Roku’s Ads Manager offers a self-serve option with lower minimum spend requirements, making it accessible for smaller businesses. This tool simplifies campaign setup and management, focusing on ease of use and performance optimization.

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