Samsung offers several identity solutions aimed at enhancing marketing effectiveness through the use of first-party data and advanced technologies.

One of the key offerings is the use of first-party consumer data to unlock high ROI for retailers. This data helps track shopper behavior, both online and in-store, allowing for more personalized marketing content and ads based on customer preferences and behaviors. For instance, AI-driven sensors and heat mapping in physical stores help understand customer journeys and optimize store layouts to enhance the shopping experience​.

Another significant solution is Samsung Ads, which provides marketers with access to premium TV and video inventory across Samsung devices. This platform leverages first-party data and proprietary viewer information from Samsung’s vast user base, enabling precise audience targeting and measurement. Through partnerships like the one with Experian, Samsung Ads enhances its data capabilities, offering marketers detailed insights to create compelling and effective campaigns​.

These solutions emphasize leveraging comprehensive first-party data and integrating advanced technologies to deliver personalized and impactful advertising, ensuring marketers can effectively reach and engage their target audiences.

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