Semasio is a leading provider of advanced targeting solutions for programmatic advertising, specializing in semantic targeting that enables precise audience, contextual, and brand fit targeting across digital platforms.

The platform’s “Unified Semantic Targeting” ensures accurate ad placement by analyzing the actual terms and phrases users interact with: Audience Targeting utilizes first-party data, keywords, and external URLs to create precise target segments, bypassing traditional taxonomies. Contextual Targeting offers privacy-safe ad placements by understanding the true meaning of content, making it effective even in a cookieless environment. Brand Fit Targeting customizes ad placements based on specific brand needs, avoiding content that conflicts with the brand’s message.

Semasio employs natural language processing (NLP) to analyze web pages, generating semantic profiles that integrate with user profiles for seamless user and page-level targeting and updates these in real-time. This innovative approach provides marketers with increased reach, enhanced brand safety, and scalable solutions compliant with global data protection regulations​.

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