T-Mobile offers several advertising solutions aimed at helping marketers reach and engage with their target audiences through various digital channels. The key offerings include:

  • Magenta Advertising Platform: This platform leverages T-Mobile’s first-party data to create interest-based audience profiles, enabling precise targeting and campaign optimization. It integrates insights from app ownership and engagement data to help advertisers reach relevant audiences on the right screens, ensuring privacy compliance and enhancing ad effectiveness​ (T-Mobile® Site)​.
  • Retail Media Network (RMN): T-Mobile has created an in-store retail media network with more than 20,000 screens across T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile retail locations nationwide. This network allows advertisers to target consumers directly within the retail environment, enhancing engagement and driving sales​ (T-Mobile® Site)​​ (NextTV)​.
  • Partnerships with Streaming Services: T-Mobile has partnered with Plex to expand its connected TV (CTV) reach. This partnership allows advertisers to use audience data to deliver relevant ads on Plex, providing a comprehensive multi-channel marketing approach that includes mobile, CTV, and digital out-of-home (DOOH) solutions​ (T-Mobile® Site)​​ (Adweek)​.

These solutions help marketers leverage T-Mobile’s extensive customer data and digital infrastructure to deliver personalized, targeted advertising campaigns across various channels, driving higher engagement and superior outcomes.

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