Teads is a global media platform that revolutionizes digital advertising by integrating buy-side, sell-side, creative, data, and AI optimization technologies into a unified cloud-based solution. Known for inventing outstream video advertising, Teads offers a powerful buying interface called Teads Ad Manager, which provides access to their extensive inventory and guarantees media outcomes through advanced machine learning. This platform supports cookieless targeting by leveraging deep contextual and non-cookie based signals, ensuring effective ad placements in a privacy-compliant manner​​.

Teads’ performance suite includes Teads Conversions, a tool designed to connect awareness with quality traffic and drive website conversions using predictive AI to optimize campaigns in fraud-free environments. Additionally, the Teads Data Suite, powered by contextual intelligence, offers solutions like the Cookieless Translator to help advertisers and publishers plan, activate, and measure campaigns in a post-cookie world. For publishers, Teads provides unique demand from direct advertiser partnerships, real-time reporting, and optimization tools to ensure premium, user-friendly ad experiences that respect user privacy. This comprehensive approach helps advertisers achieve full-funnel success and supports publishers in maximizing their revenue.

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