Throtle, now known as Throtle, specializes in advanced identity solutions tailored for the healthcare industry. The company’s core offering is its identity graph, which integrates online and offline data to provide a comprehensive and accurate view of patients and healthcare providers (HCPs). This enables precise audience targeting across multiple channels and devices, ensuring marketing messages are effectively delivered to the right individuals. Throtle’s approach to identity management is designed to maintain high standards of data privacy and security, using robust anonymization and encryption techniques to protect sensitive information.

In response to the decline of third-party cookies, Throtle offers cookieless solutions that leverage first-party data for audience identification and targeting. This ensures continued effectiveness in digital advertising while adhering to privacy regulations. Additionally, Throtle supports omnichannel activation, enabling seamless data activation across various marketing channels. This helps healthcare marketers, pharmaceutical brands, and insurance companies optimize their digital strategies and deliver personalized marketing campaigns more effectively. Throtle’s commitment to accuracy, transparency, and compliance makes it a valuable partner for healthcare marketers in a privacy-conscious digital landscape​.

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