TL1 mkt

TL1mkt is a global provider of high-quality data and identity solutions primarily used for programmatic advertising campaigns. Their services focus on delivering accurate, cookieless identity management and audience targeting through a comprehensive identity graph. This graph includes over 3.3 billion identity linkages, providing extensive coverage across multiple devices and platforms. TL1mkt’s proprietary technology ensures high data quality by eliminating invalid and inactive IDs, which is crucial for effective ad targeting and campaign optimization.

The company’s identity solutions cater to a broad range of industries, offering tools for Connected TV (CTV) data management and personalized ad delivery without relying on third-party cookies. TL1mkt’s identity graph enables marketers to reach and engage with their target audiences accurately and efficiently, maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. Their platform supports real-time API or batch processing, making it versatile for various marketing needs. TL1mkt partners with major players like The Trade Desk, Microsoft Advertising, and Google to enhance the reach and effectiveness of their data-driven campaigns​.

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