AtData, formerly known as TowerData, offers a suite of email-centric identity solutions designed to enhance marketing, fraud prevention, and customer engagement. Their email verification services, such as SafeToSend®, ListGuard, and Email Validation, ensure that email lists are accurate and free from harmful addresses, improving deliverability and reducing the risk of fraud. These services help businesses maintain clean and effective communication channels, ensuring that their marketing efforts reach the intended audience without any issues​.

In addition to verification, AtData provides comprehensive identity solutions, including email and postal address append services, which help create complete customer profiles for better targeting and personalization. Their profile enrichment tools leverage demographic, behavioral, and real-time activity data to build richer customer profiles, enhancing engagement strategies. Furthermore, AtData’s fraud prevention offerings use their vast email database and global intelligence to provide risk scoring and custom fraud models, protecting businesses from fraudulent activities and ensuring secure transactions​​.

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