TransUnion offers a comprehensive suite of identity solutions designed to enhance marketing, fraud prevention, and consumer engagement across various platforms. Central to these solutions is the TruAudience identity graph, which utilizes advanced AI to cluster identifiers into individuals and households, improving the accuracy and scale of data. This identity graph powers a range of products that include identity resolution, identity appends, attribute appends, graph extracts, and ID translation. These tools help clients deduplicate and unify customer records, enrich consumer insights with demographic data, and ensure interoperability for addressable activation and measurement​​.

TransUnion’s identity solutions also extend to the TruValidate suite, which focuses on fraud prevention and identity verification. TruValidate offers omnichannel authentication to protect consumers across call centers and digital channels, reducing account takeover fraud. Additionally, the platform provides robust identity insights to expose fraud risks by verifying consumer identities against global datasets. These solutions are designed to navigate a privacy-centric marketing environment, ensuring businesses can effectively manage and utilize consumer data while adhering to privacy regulations​​.

Note: This entry redirects from Neustar, which was acquired in 2021, and whose services were incorporated into TruAudience.

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