Vizio, in partnership with Verizon Media, offers sophisticated identity solutions to enhance connected TV (CTV) and omnichannel advertising. Their key product, Household Connect, leverages Inscape viewership data from over 18 million opted-in Vizio Smart TVs. This data is combined with Verizon Media’s consent-based Identity Graph, which processes 200 billion daily cross-screen signals. This integration allows for precise audience targeting, ad optimization, and measurement, independent of third-party cookies. Advertisers can extend the reach and frequency of their campaigns across multiple platforms, enhancing brand messaging consistency in an omnichannel environment​​.

Additionally, Vizio provides Vizio Ads, which offers premium, addressable advertising inventory through platforms like WatchFree, SmartCast, and popular TV apps. This solution ensures that advertisers can reach new audiences with relevant messages, supported by transparency and verification at the app and screen level. Vizio Ads is designed to provide a more relevant advertising experience by utilizing Vizio’s extensive data and direct-to-device capabilities, making it a powerful tool for modern advertisers looking to maximize their impact across various digital channels​ (United States).

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