Xandr is a data-enabled advertising technology platform that Microsoft acquired to enhance its digital advertising and retail media solutions. Originally part of AT&T, Xandr offers two main products: Xandr Invest and Xandr Monetize. Xandr Invest is a buying platform that allows advertisers to optimize cross-screen, first-party data-centered campaigns, providing tools for improved ad performance and detailed measurement. Xandr Monetize supports publishers by offering a comprehensive suite of tools for monetization, including a leading video solution that helps unlock the full value of their inventory through access to extensive first-party data and a full-funnel marketing approach​.

The platform emphasizes privacy and data governance, ensuring compliance with global data protection regulations. Xandr also integrates features like server-side header bidding and cross-platform targeting capabilities, bridging traditional TV and digital advertising to maximize revenue from premium digital video content. By combining Microsoft’s audience insights and technology with Xandr’s data-driven platforms, the collaboration aims to empower marketers and publishers with enhanced advertising solutions, driving better consumer engagement and higher ROI​.

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